About a book

First something about the author.

He is named James Watson. He is against the war.Most of all he hopes that his readers will share his passion for a good tale, the kind folks told each other around winter fires long ago.

Now to the persons and the introduction

The book is named "TALKING IN WHISPERS"

The setting is Chile, some time between the present and the future.

The military government is the Junta. It has the power.

There is a sixteen- year - old boy, named "Andrews Laretta".

His father´s name is Juan. Andrews fights with his father against the unfair government. They two are very rebellous. Andrews´ friends are named Isa and Beto. They are very friendly and help Andrews to fight against the government. There is a reporter, who is very brave.

There´s also a politician, who fights against the government too. His name is Alberti.

Another friend of Andrews is Diego. He has got a good character. At least there is an old man, who is very friendly and helpful.

Now to the story

The elections are near and there is a man, who fights against the government of the soldiers. He holds a speech against the government. The man is named "Miguel Alberti" alias "The Silver Lion". Meanwhile Andrews sees that his father Juan has been caught by the security. Now they are searching for Andrews, but they don´t find him. Andrews´ friend Horacio is dead; he has been shot. His father is pushed into the security car and it drives away. Andrews wants to tell Miguel, because Miguel will speak out. He needs a car, so he stops an oncoming van. The owners are twins, Beto, a boy, and Isa, a girl. The twins are puppet- player and have a van, in wich they have there showings. After some time they get to know, that Miguel Alberti has been shot dead. They are very shocked.

Now the soldiers are shooting at everything, that is against them. Also at Andrews, Beto, and Isa. A lot of prisoners are taken and put into the "National Stadium". Some time later Beto and Isa get to know the real story about Andrews: he is wanted by the security! But they offer him, that he can stay there how long he likes. They become friends. Andrews sets out to tell Horacio´s family of his death and to call on his father´s friends. He gets into the city. The streets are bustling with people, as if nothing has happened. Andrews sees that a man is shot dead by the Black Berets. Black Beret was the name for the security.

Now Andrews goes to the house of Horacio - nobody is there. So he is very sad. The security has taken Horacio´s family away. Now he searches for Juan´s friends. He don´t find one of them. He decides to go to the National Stadium to look for Juan and his friend Braulio too. When he arrives, he sees Braulio. He is prisionered. There stands a pressman beside him. The name of this pressman is Don Chailey. He has a camera and makes a lot of fotos. Then an officer sees the pressman and catches him. Before that, Don Chailey gives the camera to Andrews. The pressman is taken away. Andreas runs away to Beto and Isa, with the camera in his hands. They decide to develop the fotos at a friend of Juan: Diego. They all go down into the basement of the house and Diego developes the fotos. When they look at the developed fotos, they are fascinated. On one of these fotos, the murderer of Miguel Alberti is shown. It is unbelieveable. Diego needs a printing press to publish the foto.

Diego wants Beto, Isa and Andrews to bring the prinring press to him. They agree and make a plan: It takes place at the Central Station of Santiago. Andrews is dressed like a porter. Isa controlles a puppet. There lies a green panama on the pavement in front of her, inviting contributions. Some unknown men, friends of Diego, leave the parts of the printing press in the left- luggage lockers. Then they come to Isa and drop the keys to the lockers into Isa´s panama.

Now Andrews retrieves the keys and, protected by his porter´s uniform, unlocks the lockers, and places the parts of the printing press into a trolley. Then he wheels them out of the station and loads them into Beto´s van, which is waiting in front of the station. He hops in. Isa runs to the van and also hops in. Then Beto drives off. But they are unlucky.

A car of the security follows them. So they have to make a second plan too. They decide to save the printing press.

They also decide, that Beto should drive very fast, so fast, that the security can´t follow them anymore and then Beto will brake hard and Andrews will hop out of the van with the printing press and will hide in a wood. Beto and Isa should drive on and so the security won´t get the printing press. So they do. When Andrews has hopped out of the van, Beto and Isa drive on, as if nothing has happened. Andrews hides the printing press in the wood and goes on. Suddenly he sees some men of the Black Berets, who are executing some prisoners. One of them is Don Chailey, the pressman. When the Black Berets are gone, Andrews goes to the bodies and takes the things with him, which lie near the bodies: a necklace, a watch, some fotos and so on. Then Andrews goes to the "Seminary of Our Lady of Mercy". There he gets something to eat and he gives the things, he has found to Father Mariano. Andrews is unlucky again. The Black Berets come, find Andrews, and take him with them.

Meanwhile Isa is very nervous, because she has a strange feeling. She thinks, that Andrews is caught by the Black Berets.

The Black Berets put Andrews in prison. After some time they examine him. They ask him, what his name is, where he lives and so on. Andrews don´t tell them the truth. He lies, because he says, that his name is Hugo Benetti and that he goes into the San Martino school. The torturer want to know some information about Father Mariano, if he is against the government or if he helps people, who are against the government. Andrews know, that Father Mariano helps such people, but he don´t tell them. The men, who examine Andrews, don´t believe him. So they give him electrical shocks and they beat him. But he don´t betray Father Mariano. Suddenly Andrews become powerless. When he wakes up, he is badly hurt and he nearly dies. But his will is more powerfull than the death. So he tries to come to a house. He is lucky. After some minutes walk he finds the house of a farmer. The farmer puts bandages round his wounds and gives him something to eat. But Andrews is still very sick. Andrews asks the farmer, if he will give him a lift to his friends, Isa and Beto. The farmer does and takes his six- year- old daughter, named Rosa, with him. After some time they arrive the van of Beto and Isa. Rosa takes Andrews at his arm and they go to the van. Andrews nearly falls down, because he is so weak, but with the help of Rosa he manages to get to the van. The twins hold one of there shows and a lot of people visit it. So Isa and Beto don´t see him. Rosa openes the backdoor and Andrews goes into the van. Then Rosa closes the door and goes away. When the show of the twins is off, they drive out of the town, but they don´t know, that Andrews is sitting behind them and Andrews can´t speak because of his weakness. When they are out of the town, Isa wants to eat something. Beto stops and looks for something to eat on the backseat. There he sees Andrews.

The twins are very happy, that Andrews is with them again, because they have thought that Andrews has been already killed by the Black Berets.

At least my own opinion about the book

This is a very good book and I like it very much. The book is very exciting and interesting too and so it is very recommendable!!!