Professional Badminton isn´t the same as people play it on the street. The different is you play it in a gym on fields and with rules which you must learn.

You can play it on three different positions.

The single: you play one against one.

The  play double: two woman against two woman or two mens against two mens.

The mixed: one woman and one man against one woman and one man.

One play goes over two profit rates. If one of the player wins two rates, the match is over, but if both win one rate, they must play a third  sentence.

You play until 15 points, the men matches (double and single), women double and mixed. The woman play  until 11 points. The players change the sides after end of the first sentence.

Compare with tennis






37min (48%)

ball in the play

18min (9%)

ball change

bis 280km/h

ball speed

bis 200km/h


put back distance


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