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New  York is in the southeast of the United  States  of American on the mouth from the Hudson River into the Atlantik. It is one of  the most exciting cities and it´s also the biggest city in the USA. There are five districts or boroughs Manhatten, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Oueens, and Richmond. Only one of them ,the Bronx, is not on an island. New York has a population of more than eight million and in an area of about 776km2. The people,which live there, came from many nationality. The center of New York is the twenty-one kilometres long and average three kilometres breadth island Manhatten. Most of the interesting shops are here, such as the famous ones on Fifth Avenue. In the nineteenth century ,the richest families built their wonderful houses there.It´s also the center of the banks around the famous Wall Street. The Wall Street is the finacial heart of the USA.
The lower tip of Manhattan, where the Hudson and East river meet, is historical melting pot. The old colonial churches and early American monuments, show the time when New York City was America's capital. Today all these buildings stand in the shadows of modern skyscrapers of polished steel and glass.
 The weather in New York is very different. In the summer it is hot and dry and in the winter it can be very cold and rainy.
Traffic can be very terribly in New York. There can be awful traffic jams, and it´s usually quickest to go by subway. The subway is quite cheap and it goes to almost every part of New York.
The first Europeans came to New York from Holland in 1605 and  called it first of all New Amsterdam. 1629 Peter Minnewit bought the whole island Manhatten from the American Indians for a few glass necklaces. About twenty year later the englishman conquer the island and called it New York.

Statue of  Liberty:
 The Statue of  Liberty is about 100 meters high. It is a woman holding up a torch.Since 1886 stand the Statue of Liberty proudly in New York’s harbour. It's next to the flag of American the most famous symbol for freedom. In 1776 , France helped the American colonies to become independent from England. So they gave the people of the United States the Statue of Liberty as a present for their 100th birthday. Visitors can go inside the Statue. In the years after the Statue was put up, many immigrants came to the United States through New York. As they entered New York´s  harbour, they saw the Statue of Liberty holding up her torch. For the immigrants, this was a important symbol. They knew that the statue was welcoming them to a land of freedom.

Central Park:
Central park is a beautiful green park in the middle of Manhattan . Stretching 51 blocks between 59th and 110th street, this green rectangle has served the city well since 1859.One of the great pleasures New Yorkers and tourists enjoy is getting away from it all in Central Park. They use it in the summer and in the winter. They go ice-skating, roller skating, inline skating. They also play ball, have picnics and go boating. Families come often to enjoy sun and the fresh air . Musicians make music and office workers bring their lunches here in fine weather.

The Empire State Building :
The Empire State Building held the record as the world's tallest skyscraper for 40 years. It's one of the highest buildings in New York and the world';s highest TV-Tower,443 meter above the ground. The emblem of this city was built in only two years between 1930 to 31 and the building became quickly a tourist magnet, because every year over  2,500 000 visitors go to the top of the Empire State Building to enjoy the great view of New York.

The World Trade Center:
The World Trade Center is about 412 meters high and it's one of the highest building in the world. In the underground of it is a massive shopping concourse. About 60 000 people work in both towers. Both towers have something to offer up on the top. In one with the antenna is home to the elegant restaurant with the thousand of windows and the other tower contains the indoor and outdoor observation decks.

The Rockefeller Center:
The Rockefeller Center is about 260 meters high and it consists of  19
business buildings in the middle of Manhattan. It is one of the world's largest business house. The Building is named after the millionaire, John D. Rockefeller, who leased the place where the building stand today in 1928. He wanted to revitalize the area with huge office buildings and a new Opera House. The first part of the Center was built in 1940 to 1941.Every day more than 150 000 visitors came to the famous Rockerfeller Center.

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