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Band History  

Until now, there existed only one constant in the working method of the
electro-metal men Oomph!: the permanent change. Since their foundation in 1989,
Dero (vocals, drums), Crap (guitar, keyboard) and Flux (guitar, sampling) have
kept to their resolution; consequently also the new album EGO (meanwhile it
is the seventh album) presents unknown and exciting facets of the
'Braunschweiger' sound-pioneers. 'For me as an artist and man, standstill is a foreign
word', frontman Dero emphasizes his aversion to creative as well as private
self-satisfaction. Oomph! have worked on that sound, that helped the band to
get their most successful album named PLASTIK (incl. the hit-singles Das weiße
Licht and Fieber feat. Nina Hagen), without losing that typical unpolished
style. 'Of course we dared again a stylistic leap forward', Dero says. 'EGO is
very varied, regarding the speed but also the vocal flexibility. It is
dominated by emotive rising tension.'

From the title-song that staggers between manic-harsh self-reflection and
melodies, in which that song is full of itself, over the suddenly bursting
aggression of Drop The Lie, till the thoughtful but gruesome-lovely Atem -
'Oomph! have become more available and get faster to the point', Dero accurately
analyses. There is that cool-dragging groove of Bitter (that looks suspiciously
like a hit) as well as the supple-gloomy Who Are You. We also find a
fantastic composed Rette Mich, the emotive rapidity of Kontrollverlust and the first
single Supernova - a song that does not only capitvate by the combination of
beautiful piano-parts and powerful guitars. It is also chosen 'because
nearly nobody would have expected such a single - and that is not only because of
the English lyrics', the singer explains. 'Regarding the music, this song
involves unforeseen and unexpected elements that show us in a new light.'
Supernova also represents an atmospheric innovation - 'a positive fundamental mood
is inherent in the new works. A mood one can not only gather from the
harmonies but also from the lyrics.'
According to the album-title, EGO appears much more intimate than the
preceding social-critical albums. Supernova, for example, deals with an affair
'that represents quite a peculiar universe for the protagonists', Dero explains.
'This track describes the fusion of two persons - I like this idea.' The
songwriting for EGO started directly following the last gig of the Skunk Anansie
European tour with Oomph! as special guest. The trio started to work
individually on new ideas. Finally, there were 25 songs to choose from; the 15 most
significant and promising ones (incl. two short instrumental songs) were
chosen for EGO. The recording and mixing in the band`s ‚Nagelstudio' required two
months of work. Also this time, Oomph! renounced an outstanding producer. As
before, only the mastering was let to Ted Jensen. 'If you label it ‚Oomph!',
there should be nothing but ‚Oomph!' in it', Dero explains his aversion to
foreign influences. 'The band only works this way. Regarding this, Virgin gave
us a free hand. That is exactly why we signed on there at that time.'

Nothing is of greater importance to Oomph! but their artistic licence. That
is to what they live up on EGO to excess. Regarding the topics, these 15
songs stir up and raise questions; regarding the music, no question remains open.
'Everybody should think over his job on every single day', Dero demands.
That is exactly what Oomph! did. So they could again come up to their reputation
as the most progressive band of German rock music. A scene, losing its
bearings, is thirsty for a new input by one of its forerunners. After having
listened to EGO, the crucial question is, how many bands actually can follow

In-Depth Biography  
Name Dero
Birthdate April 16th, 1970. Born in Wolfsburg, Germany.
Position Vocals, drums, song writing.
Hobbies Going to movies, playing sports, studying psycology, cooking,
relaxing, reading, collecting CD's.
Music start In the 1970's at family reunions Dero (singer) and his father
(guitarist) performed Elvis and Beatles songs.
Other info Has been taking classical singing lessons for 4 years now. Has
German and English Philology degrees. Was in a new-wave/punk band with Crap in

Name Crap
Birthdate May 28th, 1970. Wolfsburg, Germany
Position Guitars and keyboards
Hobbies Playing sports, motorcycle riding, playing computer games, watching
television and movies, reading books and music.
Music start Got his first guitar as a Christmas gift when he was 7 years
old. Later on, he got his first synthesizer and started his first band titled
'Phaze' which Crap states, 'was terrible but helped me gain some expience.'
Other info Crap was in a new-wave/punk band with Dero in 1989. Some of his
influences are The Doors, Kraftwerk, AC/DC, Depeche Mode, and Iggy pop. Crap
is always willing to compromise for the good of the band, which he says is his
personal strength.

In-Depth Biography  
Name Flux
Birthdate May 5th, 1967. Salzgitter-Lebenstedt, Germany
Position Guitars, samples, producing, mixing, contacting management
Hobbies Playing sports, hanging out with friends, talking on the phone, and
helping out other bands
Music start His Grandma played Piano and together, they performed for the
family. When he was 14 he got his first guitar, then when he was 16 he got his
electric guitar and synthesizer
Other info Known as 'The Socializer' of the band. Flux hates intolerence in
every form. Some of his influences are Depeche Mode, Pantera, Kraftwerk, DAF,
and The Cure

In-Depth Biography  
Name Tobi
Birthdate October 14th, 1972. Germany
Position Live bass guitar
Hobbies Movies and videos, football, baseball, darts, computer games, music,
mixing drinks, going to parties
Music start Has been playing bass guitar for 14 years. Used to go to a music
store on the corner with a notebook and copy tablatures out of it. He drove
his parents crazy with how much he played his first bass guitar
Other info Played in Access, Intoxicated, Ingrain, Inner Bleeding and
Despised before becoming the official live bass for OOMPH! on May 25th, 1995

Name Léo
Birthdate April 13th, 1970. Born in Wolfsburg, Germany.
Position Live drums
Hobbies Taking care of his many animals. Hanging out watching movies and of
course playing music  
Music start Took 6 years of elementary musical instrument training. Then
learned for 10 years from a 100 year old man in an orchestra. At age 16 he
played his first live show with a Synthpop band.
Other info Was doing lights and sound for OOMPH! in the beginning. In 1994
he became the live drummer

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