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Quentin Tarantino is a 41 year old American who’s a film producer, director, author and actor.

Quentin Tarantino is born in Knoxville Tennessee on the 27th of March in 1963. His mother is a 16 years old nurse and his father, who studies law, is 21 years old. Quentin Tarantino is named after the character 'Quint' of the film 'Gunsmoke'. When he is two his father leaves the family and so his mother moves with her son to South Los Angeles. While he grows up there his mother often goes to cinema with him.

In 1979, Tarantino is 16, he stops school and starts a job in a theatre.

When he is 22 he begins to work in a video store in Manhattan Beach, Californian. In this video library Tarantino can watch many movies and talk about them with other people. So he meets Roger Avery whose Gangster-Ballade 'killing Zoe' will be produced by Quentin Tarantino in 1992.

1986 Tarantino makes his first movie 'My best friend’s Birthday' which he had written with his friend Craig Hamann but he never finish it.

Shortly after this he writes his first script 'The Open Road' which has got 500 pages. 500 pages are too much so he splits it in to 'True Romance' and 'Natural Born Killers'. First he wants to make the film by himself but can’t get enough money so he sells the 'True Romance' script for 50.000 $. Tony Scott makes the film 'Natural Born Killers' while Tarantino starts to film 'Reservoir Dogs' with the 50.000 $. At this time he leaves the video store and begins to work in a little firm in Hollywood called CineTel. There he makes rewrites and after a short time he meets a few people who finance his movie and appear in it. 'Reservoir Dogs' is on a 16mm film in black and white. But at the end Tarantino says that it is 'a piece of shit'.

In 1992 the movie has premiere at the Sundance ’92. Later it is shown on a few film festivals. Then Miramax decides to publish the movie and shortly after it is in the cinemas in the USA. Now he writes the script 'Pulp Fiction'.

The Gangster-Movie 'Pulp Fiction' gets the Golden Palm (Goldene Palme) 1994. It becomes one of the most celebrated movies of the year 1994. It yields more than 100 Million Dollar, gets nominated for 5 Academy Awards, 7 Oscars and wins an Oscar for the best original script. Now he is an important producer and actor. He produces films with Miramax. He is co-director and co-author in the film 'Four Rooms'. In an episode of 'Emergency Room' Tarantino is the director. Also he has many guest-appearance in movies and TV-shows (f. e. 'Desperado').

With his partner Lawrence Bender he runs the producing firm A Band Apart. Now he buys up to 4 films per year. His interest is above all in foreign movies.

In 1995 the vampire-film 'From Dusk Till Dawn', which is written by Tarantino, is in the cinemas. Beside George Clonney Tarantino plays one of the main characters.

1997 He makes the film 'Jackie Brown' which is nominated for 2 Golden Globes. It has also much success with Pam Grier and Samuel L. Jackson in the main roles. On the first weekend the movie brings more money than it has cost.

Quentins latest project is 'Kill Bill' vol. 1 and 2. The first part started last year on the 16th of October 2003 and the second last month on the 22nd of April 2004.


Movie example:

Kill Bill

Kill Bill is the new film from Quentin Tarantino. It is split in to two movies and maybe there will be a third next year.

The first part is an action film without a complex background. It’s fulled of brutal action and macabre battles. After the film you don’t know the real story. The film is only one part of an exiting story.

In Kill Bill vol. 2 the story makes more and more sense. The second part has a correct end.

Little summery:

The main actress, which you only call 'the bride', lied in coma for 5 years. When she wakes up from the coma she has only one goal: revenge, revenge and kill Bill. After a hart training she makes herself on the way to kills all those who tried to kill her. First she searches for two opponents of her to revenge. After one hard fight she kills the one and after another harder fight she wins against the other. Then Kill Bill vol. 1 ends.

In the second part she continue revenge campaign. She tries to kill another old friend, which now is an opponent but he wins. He bury her while she is still alive. But she survives and than she wants to visit him again. As she arrives he is dead yet. The number 4 on her list kill him and after a short hart fight, in which 'the bride' tears out an eye from her enemy, she wins. Now she finally can finish her list and so she visits Bill for the final fight. And how could it different, she kills him as brutal as possible.

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