Schools in Australia, Politics in Australia,The population of Australia


Schools in Australia

o Lessons have come by the radio network

o E-mails make communication between students and teachers easier

o Email is used to send, check and return lessons to students

o Teachers regulary visit remote homes to help students and parents

o School camps offer a chance for students to meet other and do activities such as art, drama and music

Politics in Australia

o Australians had voted for the country to keep its links with the Crown

o Ex-Prime Minister "Bob Hawke" said the referendum was lost because of how the question was asked:

Do you want a republic elected by the parliament?

o Most Australians wanted a president elected directly by the people!

The Roayl Flying Docto Service

o For all people in Australian wherever they live, work or tour:

A family on holiday have an accident in the outback.

A baby is flown from a place to another for a operation

An organ flies for transplant operation

People in remote areas can get medical advice over the phone

The population of Australia

o have one parent who was born overseas

o 23% were born in another country

o people from over 140 countries have chosen to become Australian citizens

o 23% other Europe, 27% Britain, 23% Asia, 10% Oceania, 8% Africa, 2% Central/South America, 2% North America

Slip, Slop, Slap

o The Australian sun is very dangerous becaose Australia is so close to the ozone hole

o The southern sun definitely burns mora strongly than anything in the north

o Slip on a T-shirt, slop on some sunscreen ans slap on a hat

Growing closer to Asia

o With the fast development of many Asian countries, Australians region has become more important

o About three quarters of Australia's exports go to members of an Asian economy

o Half of Australian's tourusts came from Asia

o Japanese is the most popular foreign language at universities