Smoking tobacco on the occurence of bronchitis etc referat

Smoking tobacco on the occurence of bronchitis etc

Smoking tobacco on the occurrence of bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer and addiction to nicotine


Tar and other chemicals from cigarette smoke make smokers more likely to develop bronchitis. The air passages become inflamed. The cilia, lining the air passage stop beating, so the mucus, dirt and bacteria stay in the lungs.


Is a dangerous disease of the lungs. The substances in cigarette smoke cause a 'smoker's cough'  which bursts the weakened alveoli. It causes the gaseous exchange surface in the lungs to become greatly reduced, which reduces the absorption of oxygen, so the lungs become inflated with air and makes breathing difficult. There is no cure of this disease.

Lung Cancer

Tar is the main cause, tumors are formed in the lung.


Being unable to function properly without tobacco. The body has adapted to the presence of the drug and can't work without it.
The user cannot manage without it in short term.

When addicts try to stop they don't feel well, because of symptoms.

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