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Tears of the sun

Now i want to tell you something about the film Tears of the Sun!This is one of my favourite films, because I like films with war but I don’t like war in the real world. After the thriller training day produce the director Antoine Fuqua with the Revolution studios the film Tears of the sun. This is an fictions drama with extensive action with the background of the African civil war. The actors are Monica Belucci as Lena Kendricks, Cole Hauser as James “Red” Atkins, Tom Skerrit as Captain Bill Rhodes, Eamonn Walker as Ellis “Zee” Pettigrew, Nick Chinlund as Michael “Slo” Slowenski, Fionnula Flanagan as sister Grace, Malick Bowens as Colonel Idris Sadick, Johnny Messner as Kelly Lake, Paul Francis as Danny ”Doc” Kelley, Chad Smith as Jason Mabry, Charles Ingram as Demetrius “Silk” Owens and Bruce Willis fas Lieutenant A.K.Waters. The soundtrack was produced by Hans Zimmer, he deliver with a good occupation Lisa Gerrard, Lebo M., Heitor  Parreira and Andreas Vollenweider an grandiose soundpicture. Now I tell something about the story. After the fall of the democratic government and the assumption of power  through the armed force, a Navy Seal Special Unit under the leadership of Lieutenant A.K. Waters get the order, to evacuated the American nurse Lena Kendricks, an pastor two sisters. That is a Jungle mission. As the unit arrive the mission, Kendricks refuse to go without her charges. Only as Waters and his men’s see, how the rebels the population treat, then decide the Lieutenant, to risk his life and the life of his unit, escape he lead the village over a dangerously Track through the Jungle. On this track Waters get purjsue by the rebels.In his group is an member of the earlier have govern family. Its starts a race that decide about life or death! Now I come to my film scene.

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