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The Aborigenes

The Aborigines

The Aborigines are the Australian original inhabitants. People say,

that the Aborigines came 40.000 years ago from the Asian continent and moved to Autralia. Through the ascent of the sealevel, the continet was seperated from Australia.

The land gave them all what they needed to survive. The men went to the hunt and the women collected fruits and plants.

The first Europeans who had land there, were the Dutch. Some years later, the English soldiers displaced the Aborigenes from there homes.

In the year 1976, when 300 community existed, the Aborigenes became the civil rigths.

From early 1 Million Aborigines today live on 70.000, because a part of them died by the Masern, Syphilis or epedemics. In earlier times, the Aborigines spoke about 300 different languages and dialects, today, much of them are unknown, just about 50 languages survieved. A great part of the world of the Aborigines is destroyed. A lot of people are without roots, selfrespect and will to live. The result is deep depression, flight into apathy and drugs. Alcohol is the greatest enemy of the Aborigines. They drink the cheapest alcohol until death. Under this problems all the families suffer.

There are just some areas, where Aborigines live their traditionale life. The social situation is quite bad. 38 percent of the Aborigenes people are jobless, 14 percent of the Australian prisoners are Aborigines.

We see, the situation of the Aborigines is quite bad and it seems, that the hope for getting better is not very great. At the Olympic Games in the year 2000 the world was confronted with the situation of the Aborigines. Four years later, it seems, that the world has forgotten this poor and at the rim of the human society living people.

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