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Now I will tell you somethig about Canberra. I chose this topic because I think Canberra is a very beautiful little city in Australia.

Canberra , the bush capital, is the Capital of Australia but it isn’t a big city. The distance to Sydney is about 300km. Canberra is a young capital in a young country. It was founded in 1913 and was built as a garden city which doesn´t have a city center. Its population is something about 300,000 people. The government system in Canberra is parliamentary democracy like the British system.

A lot of people say that Canberra is just boring and they are right because there aren’t any big sights like in Sydney or Melbourne. Some sights of Canberra are, e.g. The Australian National Botanic Gardens, The Australian War Memorial , The Parliament House and The National Museum of Australia .The people who are living in Canberra love the nature which is all around their little city.Canberra is an international city, full of diplomats and government offices. It’s a beautiful place, with parks, lakes, big open streets, fine buildings and wonderful flowers in the springtime. The religion in Canberra is predominantly Christian. Only 26% of the population are Roman-catholics. Since there are two universities in Canberra, there also live a lot of students. Canberra lies on a plateau (about 600 m over NN), so there is a very pleasant climate: In the winter it is quite mild (rarely under 0° Celsius) and in the summer it´s not too hot (usually not over 30° Celsius). When it is summer in Canberra, its winter in Hamburg. The area of Canberra is as large as the area of  Berlin, less than a tenth of the inhabitants of Berlin.Canberra is the only large city of Australia which is not on the coast. In the years 2002 and 2003 there were many forest fire around Canberra because of it's wide areas of forest.

Thats all I wanted to tell you about Canberra and its facts. I hope you enjoyed my essay.

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