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Cat Stevens, his civil name is Steven Demetri Georgiou, was born on 21.07.1948 in London.

He began already early to write his own songs.

Until the end of the 60s, he had published about 30 songs, but not really successfully.

The end of his first career was in 1968, after his delivering in a hospital with de suspicion of tuberculosis.

The so called “Second Life” of Cat Stevens was in the beginning of the 70s.

He was more successful than before, because his hits like “Morning has broken”, “Father and Son” or “Wild World” were interpreted and sung by many people out of the British border.

But in 1978, after publishing his disk “Back to earth”, he retracted.

Cat Stevens changed his name into Yussuf Islam and varied his Christian faith into the Islam. Until today he has spent every year about 400.000 $ to UNICEF.

Now he sings Islam songs and pray form dusk till dawn.

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