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The Dingo is not wild dog, he had already lived in Australia for many thousand years before the wild house dog came to Austrlia.
People think that the Dingos came with Indian dealers to the fifth continent 4000 to 5000 years ago.
Ther are differen theories about the origin and descend of the Dingos. The most acapted theory is that he descends from the Indian wolf and for example immigrated to the Aborigines.
Today there are only a few pure bred Dingos as on Fraser Island with white paws and white tail pointspitz, there as the herds mixed with wild dogs. The Dingo caused the longest building of the earth: the Dingofence (originally 8000 - 10000 kms long, today it is still 5000 kms long). The skin of the Dingos usually is reddish brown, but there are variants colors. There are also white, dark-brown or black marked animals.The Dingo is a good hunter, all Australian wild animals have to be careful. Kangaroos are his main food. But they also eat rabbits, lizards and the ant hedgehogs. The Dingos are no loners and but also no herd animals either. Most time he wanders around alone.
But for hunting large animals, he unites with other Dingos. Dingos can´t bark, as 'normal' dogs, but they howl often and loudly. During the males and famales live together. After nine weeks carrying time the Dingobitch gives birth to four to five culs. Then they follow their parents for one year.

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