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The big kind of dolphins are the whales. Dolphins live in the sea. Dolphins are mammal, they are powerful swimmer and they swim in groups. They have a trap with globular teeth and a back fin. They are between 1 and 9 meters long and weight 100 kg. Dolphins eat fish, shrimps and crabs. They eat one third of their body weight. They live in warm areas, for example in the Pacific. A dolphin is 10 till 11 months pregnant. The children must suckle 18 months. When they are 4 years old they can be a father or a mother. They can be 20 years old. It gives 1,5 millions. For example the Großer Tümmler, he lives in a dolphin zoo, there they show Shows and in the ocean. He is 3 meters long and weight 350 kg. The Schwertwal is a cold water occupant. He is 9 meters long and weight 7000 kg. It is the biggest dolphin. Earlier dolphins were hunt, because in their head was oil. Now dolphins are protect, but they drown in nets who are for the tunnys. They breathe through the breathe opening on their head. They can swim between 30 till 40 km per hours. They can dive till 300 meters deep. They must come to the air every 2 minutes. They are moving through the tail fin. They send location lute that the human hear it as click lute. So they can difference things and other kind of dolphins. They get over obstacle. And they speak to each other. The brain is overdevelop, they are able to learn. Dolphins can problems remove because they have a big intelligence. In Florida they live in enclosure, they help children who are handicapped to came into the water, They swim and play with them. The children can stroke the dolphins. They are good therapists. After that the children are sad when they must go home.

I tell you about dolphins because they are my favourite animal. They are cute and beautiful and they very playful.

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