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Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is the main attraction of New York. It was bulild from 1929-1931. The needed 18 months to build it up. With his 381 meter its, since the destruction of the World Trade Center, the highest building in New York. The needed 60000t steel, 100km waterpipeline and 5360km phonecabel for the Empire State Building. The building has 72 elevators in 11km long lift wells. From the prospect plattform you have got a good view over Manhattan. By its high it works like a lightning conductor. It is met up to 500 times per year by lightning. When there are thunderstorms, the prospect plattform is closed. But in the inside of the Empire State Building nothing can happen when there is a thunderstorm. The Empire State Building was also several times in Hollywood film productions (King Kong).

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