Essay about the US State COLORADO referat

Essay about the U.S. state Colorado

Essay about the U.S. state Colorado

Near 1600 Spanish discoverers came to Denver, which is now the capital city of Colorado. Denver was settled by different Indian tribes for example the Sioux or the Apaches. The Spanish gave the whole area the name 创Colorado创 (= farblich, r鰐lich) because of the 创Red Rocks创- formation.

In 1858 the 创Bust Gold Rush创 broke out. Denver got it抯 first railroad and the west was recognized. Since 1876 Colorado has been the 38 th state of the USA. After the Second World War Denver had a revival. Since the 60s the population has grown to 2,2 million people in the six- county- city, which lies in the center of USA.

Today 3,9 million people live in Colorado on the area of 270.000 km.
Colorado borders to Utah in the west and on Kansas in the east. In the west of Colorado there is a part of the Rocky Mountains and the Colorado Plateau, in the east there is a part of the Great Plains.
The most important economical factors are industry, agriculture, mining industry and tourism.

Colorado offers a lot of sights, like the state Capitol which was build in 1908. It is famous for it抯 24 carat- golden dome. The name 创Mile High City创 was created because of the steps to the entrance of the Capitol which lay exactly 1,609 meters about the sea- level.

The Denver International Airport is the biggest one in the USA (53 square miles). The 创Coors Brewery创 is the biggest Single brewery in the world.
In Denver you can also find the second biggest storeroom for America抯 gold reserves, 10 milliards coins are mint there every year

and you can visit the Buffalo Bill Museum which is famous for the grave of Buffalo Bill. The Rocky Mountain National Park and the Mesa Verde National Park belong to Colorado抯 most beautiful Nature treasures.

Colorado has the biggest parks complex of the USA (200 parks) and 506 flower gardens with 240.000 plants every year.
The four most popular sports in the USA are American Football (NFL), Hockey (NHL), Baseball (MBL) and Basketball (NBA).
Colorado is represented in every league:

In the NFL the Denver Broncos, in the NHL the Colorado Avalance, the Colorado Rockies in the MBL and the Denver Nuggets in the NBA.
I visited Colorado in 2002 for two weeks. It抯 the most beautiful state in the USA because of it抯 colorful nature, it抯 interesting sights, culture and because of the nice and hospitable people.
Every one who travels to the USA should absolutely visit Colorado.

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