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This is the content of the film ''Gladiator'' set in the USA in 2000 and produced by Ridley Scott. The principal actors are Russel Crowe, Connie Nielsen and Joaquin Phoenix.

The movie "Gladiator" is set at the time of the Roman Empire under Caesar.

The Roman general Maximus- Russel Crowe- is the leader of the Roman legion during the battle against the Teutons. The battle is tumultuous: thousands of arrows and spears are aimed at the enemy. Maximus and his legion are the winners of this battle and for this reason Maximus is the hero of the inhabitants of Rome.

The dying Caesar is also impressed by him and therefore he wants him to be the new ruler, but his cowardly and crafty son Commudus is terrified. Maximus refuses to be the new ruler and wants to go home to his family.

But before he goes home he sees how Commudus assassinates his own father and that's the reason why Commudus orders his men to kill Maximus.

Maximus can flee however, but Commudus has killed his family. Because Maximus is injured, a slave trader takes him and sells him to a school of gladiator.

In short time Maximus shows his ability and the common people like him. They call him "the Spaniard".

Meanwhile the new Caesar Commudus has the political and military power in Rome. He organizes gladiator fights, because he wants the crowd to like him. The school of gladiator of Maximus also moves to Rome. Here they have to fight in the Colosseum against the gladiators of Rome. They win all the battles and Maximus has to take off his mask in front of Commudus. Commudus recognizes him and from that moment he tries to kill him, but Maximus has a lot of allies in Rome.

The final scene also takes place in the Colosseum:

Commudus has to fight against Maximus. Commudus dies and a little bit later dies, too.

But Maximus is again celebrated as the new hero of Rome.

We were very impressed by "Gladiator". All the scenes seem very realistic and were filmed in great detail so that you think you are one of the persons in the film.

This film has showed us life during the age of the Romans, too. We just want to criticize the number of violent scenes which make the movie a masterpiece.

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