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Here are some descriptions of happiness:

Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1804-1864, American Novelist said:

'Happiness is like a butterfly which you cannot catch:

if you sit down quietly it may come to you.'

Herman Cain, American businessman, fast food millionaire said:

'Success is not the key to happiness.

Happiness is the key to success.

If you love what you are doing,

You will be successful.'

I think Mr. Hawthorne and Mr. Cain are perfectly right. You cannot be happy, if you make yourself some kind of pressure that you want to be happy at all costs.

Happiness cannot be forced! It's like the sun, someday it's shining brightly and some other day it's hidden behind a wall of clouds.

But it's one of the most beautiful feelings you can have. You can feel happy about something funny, about something you've just managed the right way or about your family, if you've got good friends, if you've got a good standard of life, the fascinating nature, if you're healthy, not handicapped and about so many things I can't count!

Neither success, nor money and material things make you feel happy. You have to be glad about the simple things of life, the details, which can make you feel in such a great way.

Aren't you happy if you see a shooting star?

Or if you stand up in the morning, you look out of the window and the sun is smiling in your face?

Or if it's Christmas, you go for a walk and everything's under a big blanket of snow?

Or when it's cold outside, aren't you glad of having a roof upon your house, or a heating system? Hopefully you are, because there are so many people who cannot enjoy those things! But we pretend, as if it were the most natural thing in the world!

The second quotation is also very wise. You will not  be in a good mood if you have a well-paid job but you dislike what you are doing. But if you've made your hobby to your job, you will be very happy and working hard, to earn what you deserve.

By the way, millionaires aren't feeling better than 'normal' people, it's their habit of having everything. They cannot be pleased of a present, because they can easily buy it themselves.

It's also very important to be contented with your body and soul. If you think, you're fat or thin, if you don't like your behaviour, but you're always noticing that too late, it can't be very easy for you to be happy!

If you love yourself the way you are, who you are and how you are, only then you can love another person!

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