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most meaning Hip Hop combo off the nineties -> produced new, never released stuff

resulted out of the by rza set up group called "All in together now" - no productions from this time

- some gigs on parties and smaller concerts -> won some friends and allied ones for their project -> resulted the wu tang clan (clan = members are allied )

- formed by U-God, Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killah, RZA, GZA and OL`Dirty Bastard

  1. The Beginning

-Robert Diggs (RZA), Greg Grice (GZA), Russell Jones (ODB) from Staten Island-the most boring quarter of NY, -> Fans of cheap Kung Fu films -> visited often the cinema and hanged out on the streets - one movie fascinated Robert -> called " Shaolin and Wu-Tang" => the cool gangsters from the cloister Wu Tang became to his idol

->  passed not much time and they started to write some raps and producing beats

  1. the Career

-19.02.91 GZA first album called "Words from a Genius" brought onto the market

-> no real attention by the media

-summer 1993 - RZA + cousins and some friends as "Wu Tang Clan" produced a tape by investing 800 dollars -> surprisingly sold more then 10.000 tapes

- after that RZA  brilliant idea lasting the contract negotiations persist on the independence of the individual ones because of the possible solo projects

- "Protect ya neck" was the first single - you can´t imagine what the track caused in the underground - completely new style ( hard beats, crazy kung fu samples,  lyrics with real, tragedy stories performed by 9 angry men with 9 different interesting Rap flows and styles )

- the commercial success leaded the track "Method man" on the b-site of the protect ya neck tape - the first us-clubhit of the group

- 09.11.93 - first album "enter the wu-tang(36 Chambers) produced in their own studio , but only debuted at US number 41 - but something completely new - devided into 2 styles - shaolin, wu-tang => sold 1.5 million cd´s

-> it made the crew one of the hottest tickets in rap

-1994 - the year of the clan - the clan began to grow and the first solo projects started - resulted the wu fam

- Method man produced his own project, GZA signed some important contracts, and ODB went to Elektra Records just some ex.

- RZA ste up the formation of "the gravediggaz " and at the same time his label Razor Sharp

- track "C.R.E.A.M." ( maybe the best hiphop track all time ) - established the wu tang clan at the top of  the rap business

- some problems in that year : U-God´s 2 year old boy was hurted  in an gunfight and one day later a friend of the clan was killed in a gunfight too.

- the most successful project followed by method man "tical" and he became the most popular member - success cause of the "all I need" remix with mary j. bilge - this track was world famous

- after that ODB started with the album " Return to the 36 chambers" - similar success like meth.

- but some said, the album is really terrible, but the other ones loved ODB´s crazy style

Raekwon, GZA, Ghostface Killah followed with their own projects but they couldn´t reached methodmans and ODB´s success.

-1997 the second album " wu tang forever" was released without advertising - started on the 1st place in the US - the album was similar to the first one, and it was a big success all over the world

-> 1,5 mio. Dollar were spend on the first video " Triumph" - demonstrate the real power and size -> Killabees overtake the power over NY -> they wanted to rule the world -> started with the wu wear clothing company

- but since 1997 there was some chaos in the clan -> refused studio-dates,  less entrances and more troubles with the Justice -> at least ODB had the thickest prior conviction register : Drug delicts, illegal weapon possession and other delicts

- his cousin RZA paid the bail -> but he couldn´t  run away from the Jail

-1999 Wu Tang Fans had to spend a lot of money on the new stuff -> ODB and GZA started with their new projects, and inspectah deck and U-God released their first tries - medium size!, but Raekwon released a direct hit with his album "immobilarity"

- Method man´s "collabo" with his frien redman had big success too

- year 2000 was started with Ghostface Killah´s " Supreme Clientele", what received great critics

- That thjere were the last two albums "the W" and "Iron Flag" is only RZA´s  income

-> great mixtures of beats, rhymes, rhytms. without beginnings and endings

-this time there were some productions with friends like snoop dogg, nas busta rhymes, redman and Isaac heyes, only ODB is missing, but he fled just for the release party from a clinic and sits since that action in prison for 2 years

.but the mhytos goes on.

4. the members

Real Name: Greg Grice. AKA's : The Genius,
Bio : The GZA is the oldest Wu-Tang member. He is known as 'The Head' of the Clan because he taught RZA (Cousins) when they were children, who in turn taught Ol' Dirty Bastard (also a cousin). The Genius/GZA was a member of the old group 'All In Together Now' with his cousins RZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard. He was the first clan member to release an album.'Words From The Genius' was released on the Cold Chillin' label and was not connected to the Wu-Tang Clan at that time, but RZA did appear on the album.

Releases: 'Words from the Genius', 'Liquid Swords', "Beneath the surface"

Real Name: Robbert Diggs

Bio : The RZA is the primary producer for all Wu-Tang beats. He also produces for other artists such as Sunz Of Man, The Killarmy and the late Notorious B.I.G. The RZA is also a member of The Gravediggaz, which originated around the same time as The Wu-Tang Clan.
Releases: 'Ohh, I love you Rakeem' , "In stereo", " RZA Hits", " Ghost Dog"
Real Name: Lamont Hawkins.
Bio : Quiet and retiring, U-God is the only Clan member to have shirked the limelight thus far. 'He's gonna be a grumpy old man', predicts Method Man. 'When he gets mad, he gets mad. And he gets mad a lot.' Releases: Featured on the 'High School High' soundtrack, Featured with Cypress Hill on 'Killah Hill'

Releases: "Golden Arms redemption"
Real Name: Dennis Coles AKA's : Ghost Face Killah

Bio : Ghostface Killah released his solo album 'Ironman' in November 1996 and it went straight to the top of the rap charts, with a large amount of the album including Raekwon, Cappadonna and guest appearances from Mary J. Blidge, The Delphonics as well as appearances from the Clan itself.

- diabetic - > doesn´t drink alcohol and do drugs
Releases: 'IRONMAN', Supreme Clientele"

Method Man
Real Name: Clifford Smith.
 Bio : He's the most visible member of the group. Describes himself as 'a clown'. If this was a rock band, I'd be the drummer'

Releases: 'TICAL', 'T2 Judgment Day', 'Method Man & Redman', How High soundtrack with redman

Masta Killa
Real Name: Jamal Turner.
 Bio : The proud owner of the Clan's silliest nickname. 'He's a very intelligent person', says Method Man. 'But when he's around strangers, he gets into his 'killer mode'. He analyses shit before he gets into it.' Masta Killa was only a guest rapper or 'Honorary 9th Member' on the first Wu-Tang Clan album, probably because he was incarcerated during a majority of the albums production, but he is recognised as a fully official member on the new Wu-Tang Clan album. Masta Killa is the most low-key Wu-Member but makes a large contribution to the Wu-Tang Clan's latest album 'Wu-Tang Forver'. No solo stuff yet, but does have verses on several tracks on the Ol' Dirty Bastard, Raekwon and Genius albums.
Releases : No solo releases yet.

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