Ireland between 1169 and 1541 referat

Ireland between 1169 and 1541

Ireland between 1169 and 1541

The confrontations about the king supports the Anglo-Norman conquest

the inferior ( unterlegen ) king of Leinster ( Dermot Mac Murchada ) asked by King Heinrich 2. for Anglo-Norman barons to help him

Heinrich was King of England

he wants his kingdom back

he promised them areas and titles in Leinster 

1169 came Dermot back with foreign mercenaries ( Söldner ) and lots of Irish allies

He could recapture ( zurückerobern ) a part of his areas

Per example Dublin and other cities at the east coast

After his death became his son-in-law, Richard Strongbow, the throne of Leinster

- Heinrich came 1171 to Ireland with a big army to prevent an independant Anglo-

Norman kingdom

One year later most Kings Munsters and Leinsters, and also the Anglo-Norman barons

was defeated

they had only some rights

at 1300 early 65 per cent were in the hand of the new conquerer

the defeated kept only the highlands

1185 and 1210 came Heinrich’s son Johann to Ireland

he wanted to stop the spread ( Ausbreitung ) from the Anglo-Norman

Beginning of the 14. of century began the Irish to fights against the foreign reign

( Fremdherrschaft )

After the battle by  Bannockburn 1314 came the Scottish king,Edward Bruce, to I Ireland

He tried without success to defeated the English

Although Bruce' plan went wrong, England lost sth. from the power

After the plague ( Pest ) epidemic of 1348, the Irish population had halved herself

The island was no more rich

the English landowners onlylived in the foreign countries

- In the coming years, were the English interests still pushed through.

1537 tried the English King Heinrich 8. to bring the Reformation to Ireland

but the population remained Catholic

1541 became Heinrich  king of Ireland.

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