Labrador Retriever - Companion, gundog, field trials and assistance dog

Labrador Retriever

Country of origin: Great Britain

Date of origin: 1800s

First use: Gundog

Use today: Companion, gundog, field trials and assistance dog

Life expectancy: 12-14 years

Weight range: 25-34 kg

Height range: 54-57 cm

Colors: Yellow, mid-brown, black.

Breed history:

One of the world's most popular breds, the Labrador traces its origins back to the St. John's regions of Newfoundland, Canada. There it was known as the "Small Water Dog", to differentiate it from the larger Newfoundland. Trade in salted cod brought the bred to the port of Pole in Dorset, England, where local landowners acquired specimens and refined their breeding for use as gundogs.

Waterproof, water loving, affable, gregarious, and family oriented - this delicious range of adjectives describes one of the world's most popular family companions. The Labrador once worked from the shores of the granite-rocked inlets of the Newfoundland coast, retrieving the cork floats of fishing nets and swimming them ashore, so that fishermen could pull in the fish-filled nets. Today, this steadfast bred is the quintessence of the agreeable canine member of the human family. Unfortunately, many individuals do not live up to the image they carry. Some suffer from hereditary cataracts, hip and elbow arthritis, and even wayward temperaments. Despite this, the Labrador Retriever is one of the most loyal and dependable breeds in the world.

General: medium size, short-coupled, with a short, dense coat.

-hunter dog -

He is a very good dog with children.

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