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1. The origin of „The Simpsons“

“The Simpsons” is the most successful animation series of the world! They were created by the cartoonist Matt Groening in 1987. At first it was a series of 30-second spots for the FOX series “The Tracy Ullman Show”. A total of 48 shorts were produced over the first three seasons, and Bart is the only character to appear in all 48.  The response to the spots was so positive that FOX made a half-hour Christmas special on Dec. 17, 1989. Since Jan. 14, 1990 “The Simpsons” is a regular series.

According to producer and director David Silverman, the production of the Simpsons-shorts for the Tracey Ullman show lasted approximately four weeks. Today, the production of a squadron of the Simpsons requires approximately six months. “The Simpsons” is registered in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest animated series in the television history. There are more than 200 episodes. The show’s 100th episode was aired in April 1994, the 200th in May 1998.

Awards and prices

19x Emmy Award
13 x Annie Award
4 x Genesis Award
3x Internationaler Monitor Award
3x Umwelt-Medien Award
1x Peabody Award

3. Speakers

Name: Sandra Schwittau

Speaks: Bart

Synchronized: Emily in 'Beverly Hills, 90210'

Peppermint Petty of 'Peanuts'

Aeryn Sun of 'Farscape'

Sandland, Shelly in 'Bigger, Longer, Uncut'

Liesel, Trilli 'Papa Löwe und seine glücklichen Kinder' (2000)

Name: Norbert Gastell

Speaks: Homer // Herb Powell

Synchronized: Jackson in 'Jeannie'

Professor Crangshaw in 'Buschbabies

Dr. van Meer in 'Micronauts

Mr. Ocmanic in 'ALF

Alfred Jones in 'Montana“

Name: Sabine Bohlmann

Speaks: Lisa

Synchronized: Jenny Kelly in 'Hey, Dad!'

Micky from 'Full House'

Cubbi Gummi from 'Die Gummibärenbande'

Holly from 'Monster Rancher'

Name: Elisabeth Volkmann

Speaks: Marge // Selma & Patty Bouvier // Aunt Gladys

Synchronized: Queen in 'Das große Krabbeln'

Speaker in 'Karussel der Träume

4. Drawers

Bill Morrison
Bill Morrison is art diretor, drawer and author of “The Simpsons”.  Bevor he starts to draw “The Simpsons” he illustrated for Disney.

Phil Ortiz

Phil started his animation career at Hanna- Barbera as a Character-Designer and Layout-Artist. He worked on “The Simpsons” as a Character-Designer during the first two seasons and designed many characters. Phil has recieved five Emmys for character and background design.

Stephanie Gladden
Stephanie Gladden draws the yellow family already since over 6 years.

5. The Characters

Groening named the characters after members of his family: Father Homer, Mother Marge, and sisters Lisa and Maggie. The son was christened Bart, a play of the word brat, and would be given characteristics of Matt himself and his brother Mark

Homer J. Simpson


Occupation: Nuclear Safety Technician

Homer is a devoted husband. He loves his family and he would do just about anything to prove it. He enjoys drinking beer, at home or in a bar.

Homer works at Springfield’s nuclear power plant as a safety inspector, a job he secured after passing the specialised training course on his third attempt.


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