The boy who lost his face

The boy who lost his face

One day Roger, Randy and Scott decided to steal the cane        from an old lady. Everybody called her Miss Bayfield and she seemed to be a witch. Dave wasn't one of the popular boys but he wanted to become one. So he went with them to show them how smart and cool he was. After the four boys had stolen the old woman's cane, she put a curse on David. So he was again uncool and stupid. Till the 2nd grade Scott was David's best friend, but then he only hung around with Roger and Randy and Dave was only a replacement for him. Then David met Larry and they became great friends. In his shop lesson a girl named Mo (Maureen) sat beside him. Larry had a crush on her and Dave fell in love with Miss (Tori) Williams. He didn't know her first name so they said eg. "Good morning, Mr. Ballinger" and he answered "Good morning Miss Williams". For Ricky his brother Dave was the coolest and most popular boy on earth. When David liked something also Ricky did. He was his big idol. The most popular girls at school were Ginger and Leslie and they always hung around with Roger, Scott and Randy.

Many things happened to David when he was cursed and he also found new friends. When he wanted to ask Tori out, his pants glit down and he ran away. Then he ran to Mrs. Bayfield's house and told her that he was terribly sorry. She said that she wanted him to get her cane back and then the curse would leave him. So David, Tori, Larry and Mo went to Roger's house where also the other cool kids were and asked them for the cane. They didn't gave it to him so they began to fight. While they did that Tori took the cane and then Dave and the others went to Mrs. Bayfield's house. There they drank some water and Mrs. Bayfield said to David, that he had to kiss Tori because if he didn't do that she would take her face away. So he did and after that Tori said that Mrs. Bayfield was her aunt and that she was a make-up artist. They all began to laugh. When they left Mrs. Bayfield's house Tori said, that Dave gave her a heart. He had made it in shop and it should have been an apple, but he didn't tell her that.

150 years later David Ballinger was a legend for living people. March 16th , David's birthday turned into a holiday. Mrs. Bayfield's house was a very famous museum.