The missing diamond ring referat

the missing diamond ring

It was monday morning, when the phone rang. I didn’t hear it, because I was reading the newspaper and drinking some coffee, so my partner Michael, who has his desk on the other side of the room, answered the phone. I was reading an article about missing dogs, when my partner said: 'Let’s go there is some work for us to do in Park Street 140!' Michael told me that a diamond ring was missing. When we got to the house, I saw a big villa with a beautiful garden and lots of trees and many flowers. Mrs. Harrison described the ring to us and gave us a photo of it. We asked her some questions like: 'When did you last see the ring?', or 'Who could have got hold of the ring? After that we talked to the three servants, but all three had an alibi. W looked around in the house and looked for the ring, but we didn’t find it. I looked out of a window and saw some rally big trees, but one of them had a howle. I took a note of my observahone and ran downstairs into the garden to the tree. I took a ladder and climb up and there was a nest with a bird in it. Under the bird there was an egg and the missing diamond ring. The bird wich had stolen the ring was a magpie.

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