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Facts about the USA

- capital: Washington DC.

- inhabitants: 269 million

- biggest economy nation of the world – classic immigration country

- on it’s gigantic area found million settlers from all countries a new home

- the USA is a land with different inhabitants:
there are living 83% White
11% Black
2,0% Asian
1,0% Indians/Eskimos
3,0% others

- the Americans are very sociable, helpful and friendly

- 210 million of the people in the USA are speaking English

- the rest of the pollution is speaking Spanish, German, Italian, French, Polish and Chinese

- the USA is a land with a very good economy

- the farming is using 46% of the area

- the other area is using by the industrial and for living there

- something about New York – The city that never sleeps

- NY big city United States of America

- The Dutch founded NY in 1624

- wasn’t a very big city at the time and it was called New Amsterdam

- from 1800 – 1900 population grew from 79000 to 3 million people

- today more than eight million people live in NY

- to see the whole city y. can go by subway, by taxi, or even by helicopter

- but you must have a lot of time to see the big apple

- the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn are t. five parts of New York

- the most famous of these five parts is the 21 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide Manhattan with all it’s skyscrapers, shops, night-clubs, theatres and museums

- many people spend their spare time in the Central Park which is in the middle of Manhattan

- an other attraction is the Broadway and Fifth Avenues were you can find famous, very expensive and exclusive shops

- if you want to see International Wrestling, rock concerts or the Muppet show in Tour you must go to the Square Garden

- the statue of liberty and the skyscrapers are the typical landmarks of New York

- in my opinion NY is a very beautiful city and a good example for a American city

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