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War in Bosnia

The former 'Socialist Republic of Jugoslawia' split 1991/92: The first of the six states proclaimed Slovenia, Croatia and Mazedonia 1991 their independence. Bosnia - Herzegowina followed on April 7, 1992. On April 27, 1992 Serbia and Montenegro united to 'Federal Republic of Jugoslawia', better known as 'Rest-Jugoslawia'.

Slowenia had the best initial position and realised the independence: The Republic is ethic bind (only 2,4 % Serbs). The army is controlled by the Serbs and should prevent the escape but after two weeks fights they had to retire.

Later the army supported the serbic Fighters is Croatia but at the beginning of 1992 the war shifted to Bosnia.

The problem in Bosnia are the three ethic groups.

In Bosnia lived before the war : Bosnian Muslims (44 %), Bosnian Serbs (32 %) and Bosnian Croats (17 %)

The fights started on March 6, 1992 after the Muslims and Croats decided to get independent. The Serbs declared this referendum for invalid and until August they controlled about 70 % of Bosnia. The Serbs started to drive away, to arrest or to kill the Muslims and Croats from the conquered areas. International Organisations tried vain to stop the fights in Bosnia. Even the UNO defence-zone didn’t stop the Serbs.

We have to thank the private Organisations like 'Neighbour in distress' or 'Care' that not more civilians died in this brutal war. The UNO and the European Union made the big mistake just to talk and not to act.

So time passed and nothing happened. Even the USA stud up for a prompt peace. They bombarded the Serbs to the negotiations and now after a long time there is finally peace in Bosnia (peace contract of Dayton).

But now Bosnia has a hard way to go: They have to reconstruct whole cities and they have to overcome hate and fear of each other. They have to learn how to live in peace again and they have to digest all the pain and sorrow they have had and seen.

In this war - like every war there are no winners and I hope that this will never happen again.

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