Will Smith

Will Smith

Willard Christopher Smith was born on 25th September of 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has two sisters, Pam and Ellen and one brother, Harry.

He lived in a middle-class-household, because his father is an engineer and his mother is a secretarian in a school, so he often was alone with his sisters and brother.

His grandma often helped him to play a theatre-role at the church.

He often made jokes in class, so everybody called him "Prince". He was a DJ at a highschool-music-band.

After the highschool he didn't accept the scholarship at "Massachusetts Institute Of Technologie" and begon a career as a DJ together with Jeff Towness. The band is named "DJ Jazzy Jeff and the fresh Prince" and they made the albums "Rock the home", "He's the DJ", I'm the Rapper" and "Homebase". It sold million times and they won Grammys and American Musik Awards.

1990 he started the sitcom "The fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and made 66 series.

1992 he played a disabled boy in the film "Straßenkinder".

After "Made in America" and "The life-a six-pack" in 1993 he started a big success with "Bad Boys" and "Independence Day" (in 1995 and 1996).

He starred in the film "Men in Black" and in 1997 he was at the first place in the cinema charts.

In 1998 he starred in "Der Staatsfeind no. 1".

In the years 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 he made the big films "Wild wild west", "The legend of Bagger Vance", "Ali" and "Men in Black 2" with the biggest successes.

In 2003 the new film "Bad Boys 2" came into the cinemas. It was a big success, but it's not enough for the first place at the "CinemaxX-charts" on ProSieben.