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Today I will tell you something about Aaliyah, the singer who died 2 years ago.

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on the 16th of January 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. She had one elder brother named Rashad. Her mother Diane and her father Michael like the meanings of names. Aaliyah means 'the highest, the best.' When she was 5 she and her family left Brooklyn and moved to Detroit. Already at the age of 9 years she sang in different TV-productions. Her mother Diane is also a good singer. But she gave up her own career for the career of her daughter.

Responsible for her career was also her uncle, Barry Hankerson. He is a manager and at the same time the discoverer of R.Kelly. With his label 'Blackground Records' she got platin for her first album 'Age ain t nothing but a numer.' But this wasn t the only headline about the young girl. Aaliyah married R.Kelly when she was only 15. The marriage was annulled shortly after the wedding. Two years later she made a new album produced by 'Missy Elliot' an 'Timbaland'. It is called 'One in a million'. For it she got double platin. It is a mixture of Soul, R&B and HipHop. But she wasn t only a wonderful R n B singer, she was also a good actress. In the year 2000 she had her cinema deb t with 'Romeo must die'. Later she played a vampire in 'Queen of the damned'.

But on the 25th of August 2001 something terrible happened. Aaliyah and her crew were on the Bahamas were they shot the music video for her actual single 'Rock the Boat'. After the shot, she and 7 people of her crew flew home. Shortly abter the start the plane turned upside down and all passangers died. The names of the death crew members are Keith Wolles, Bodyquard Scot Gallam, Gina Smith, Darcles Krets, Eric Forman, Christopher Madenado and Anthony Dott. The reason why the plane crashed is sure. There were 1100 kilos too much.

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