The information on this disk has saved many people a lot of money. This disk is a guide to repairing your credit. Even if you have A-1 credit, this disk is a must. But if you are like 77% of Americans that don't have A-1 credit, the information on this disk can save and solve you many problems, many of them before they start. On the disk, are form letters, and many forms and documents used in credit repair by credit repair businesses.
Congress Passed Laws To Protect You
When Congress conducted the investigations of the various credit reporting agencies in the 70's when asked why there were so many mistakes, the standard answer was, " THAT WAS WHAT WAS REPORTED TO US "!
It is hard to believe but no one was being held accountable for the accuracy of the information contained in your credit report. Not the creditor's who reported your payment history or even the credit reporting agency that passed it along to whoever wanted to look at it.
The final action of the congress was to enact a set of "public laws" (UNITED STATES CODE, TITLE 15, CHAPTER 41) designed to help you the public ensure that the information contained in your credit report is correct. Most importantly the congress made the credit reporting agencies responsible for determine the accuracy of the information they report.

The problem is how does the average man or women help themselves under the law. The red tape, the letter writing, where do you mail the request, what sort of request do you make. Even what are your rights, understand it is not in the best interest of anyone to help you or take the time to teach you what to do. After all, credit reporting agencies make their money providing credit reports to lenders, not by fixing bad information in your record.
The Fair Credit Act was first passed in 1971 and has been revised several times since. The ACT was passed to address the problems of poor reporting practices and give the consumer a remedy to solve the problems created by these inaccurate reports. This was accomplished by establishing guidelines for removing and correcting, "obsolete, inaccurate, irrelevant, outdated, misidentifying, incomplete, incorrect, erroneous, and misleading" information from your credit report.

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