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The business logic is one of the layers that are composite from software system architecture. The business layer is very important to be well defined as it comprises business rules after which the software system functions.
At the beginning, the business logic was made all on client-side, which was so called fat-client; for designing a more robust architecture, the business logic moved from client in other parts, like a server application or even in a Database. The stored procedures in a database represent a logic component through witch several issues can be performed: encapsulation of queries, parameterized queries, container for application logic, standardization, security (the database owner defined the right access for information) and utility.

Nowadays the discussion still goes on about the right place of the business logic. Due to the standardization and at least for security, including business logic in stored procedure can be a useful movement. The business logic should maybe reside in a specific place, from where it can be changed;
The most used model used in Web applications is combing the residence of the business logic both in database stored procedure as in the web server.

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