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Starting from the data definition, this term can refer anything that can be stored as the data owner needs to maintain its reference in a specific place, from where he can retrieve, update or delete. For keeping in a well defined manner all this data owners, databases were created, with the purpose of defining an electronic mean through which data can be stored in an organized manner.
Any Web-based application needs in its architecture the data storage component, which allows it to store different information from the users. Especially in the e-commerce type applications, a data base server is needed. Different versions of data bases serves can be used. They provide different functionality resources. There are different types of database servers like Microsoft SQL 2000, MySQL, Posgre, Oracle, etc.

6.1.1 Microsoft SQL Server 2000
SQL Server, and specifically SQL Server 2000, is an extremely powerful application that can be used in almost any business context that relies on collecting and managing large quantities of data. This is suited very well for e-commerce applications, web-based applications which need storage for large volume of data. The latest version launched by Microsoft is Microsoft SQL Server 2005 which is still as the previous version in the subject, a relational database management system (RDBMS).

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