HTTP Request referat

. Request Method + URI + Protocol/Version
Ex: GET /stone/index.jsp HTTP/1.1

o many request methods can be used in the header of a request: GET, HEAD, POST, OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE, TRACE
 GET is the most simple and used method that retrieves data identified in the URL; if the URL refers to a script (CGI, servlet, etc) it returns the data produced by the script.
o The URI specifies an Internet resource completely. A URI is usually interpreted as being relative to the server\'s root directory.
o The Protocol version represents the version of the HTTP protocol that is used in the request

. Request headers
o The request header contains useful information about the client environment and the entity body of the request. It can contain the language the browser is set for or the length of the entity body for example. Each header is separated by a carriage return/linefeed (CRLF) sequence.
. Entity body
o The entity body practically follows the rule: entity body=Content-Encoding( Content-Type( data )) , where the Content-Encoding can be used to indicate any additional content coding applied to a type whereas the Content-Type specifies the type of data in the body, for example the MIME type such as text/html or image/gif

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