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Epocrates application will have two major releases, a desktop one and another one designed for mobile embedded devices. As proved so far, there are more possible architectures that can accommodate this goal. The most appropriate solution in this situation would be to integrate much of the logic of Epocrates into a database layer and leave the application objects to do what's left of this job and their interface objects as well. If the domain of common desktop applications is tinker's news and therefore not necessary to insist on it, the Epocrates Mobile lies in a relative new area of the high technology informational world.


The developments in wireless communication, distributed systems, and increases in the power and interactive capabilities of hand-held and portable devices, provide us with the possibility to have wide-ranging and continual access to computing resources in a variety of contexts. These technological changes make increasing demands on the quality of the user interface and offer the potential to further progress the functionality of computing devices.


Starting 2001, every year one University in the world is host of the Workshop in Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices. In an article presented by Peter Johnson [16] , he identifies three scenarios of use in the medical field.

I. The memory aid - is the one which raise interest from the point of view of Epocrates. This scenario sums both patients and medical staff categories and provides as basic function the storage and access to information for individuals and / or situations that are susceptible to memory shortages. It can be the case of a patient suffering from a post trauma brain damage or memory problems as a result of an accident. For the medical staff the scenario goes even further than having access to a drug and disease reference anytime, anywhere, in pocket size dimensions. The scenario proposed takes us into a world where information introduced by medical personnel in an ambulance for example ar transmitted to the waiting surgery team standing by at the hospital ready for the intervention.
II. The other scenarios identified are rather technical and have importance in the medical software and healthcare industry rather than in the context of this paper.

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