Famous London theatre in which the plays of William Shakespeare were performed after 1599. It was built by two brothers, Cuthbert and Richard Burbage, who inherited its predecessor, The Theatre, from their father, James.
The latter theatre had closed, ostensibly for good, in 1597, and the owner of the land on which it stood threatened to pull the building down once the lease expired. The Burbages and their associates anticipated the threat and carried the materials to Bankside(a district of Southwark Stretching for about half a mile west of London Bridge on the south bank of the River Thames) where Swan and the Rose theatres already stood. To the east of these, they reassembled the timbers from the old theatre, calling the new building, which was probably completed by the autumn of 1599, the Globe Theatre.

The New Globe is part of a larger complex of buildings known as the International Shakespeare Globe Theatre.

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